SLA Watch


SLA Watch is a set of "pay per use" services independent and authoritative, implemented and provided by Malabo Srl and Innovazione & Evoluzione, which is able to remotely control functionalities and performances of the monitored ICT resources.  SLA Watch can also compare the monitored levels of service (SLA, Service Level Agreement) with those planned and / or contractually agreed by the Customer and his Suppliers.


SLA  Watch is able to monitor ICT systems and applications both outsourced and/or  internally handled by the Customer (in-house, on-premise).

The timely and systematic monitoring of the considered SLA indicators is carried out by SLA Watch by means of its internal tools and logic,  by broad band Internet connections, and normally "agent less" so as not to be "intrusive" or in the Customer's systems or in those of the Suppliers.

SLA Watch can be configured and customized according to the indicators to be monitored and to the various customer requirements.





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